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Guide to Dragon Ball Lyrics

The thoroughest and genuine collection of lyrics to Japanese and Italian Dragon Ball songs on the whole Web.


From episodes to movies through videogames, the music of Dragon Ball has always been very important in Japan. The greatest part of this guide, unique for completeness in the Web, consists of lyrics to nearly two thousand Japanese songs related to Dragon Ball and mainly published in albums. Next to this huge collection there's still space for theme song lyrics made by the Italian dubbing.


You're browsing the one and only thorough collection of Japanese Dragon Ball lyrics on the whole Internet! Indeed till the day these pages were published no other website was holding the romanizations of every Japanese Dragon Ball song. The contents of these pages are genuine, being the result of a more-than-three-years' work, in which we looked for and compared lyrics written in Japanese, we carefully reconstructed the original shape of the lyrics, we transcribed them in our alphabet following thoroughly some precise and strict rules, and eventually we checked the lyrics by ear with the relevant songs. Therefore we are sure that the lyrics we're offering are high-class compared to those that are commonly found on the Internet, especially when it comes to the least known and least famous songs.

You may use these lyrics complying with two rules: like any other textual contents in this site, the lyrics are distributed under a license that grants to anyone the rights to use them, on condition that credit is given to the original author and that derived works are distributed under the same license. In case you are thinking of copying these lyrics on another website we consequently ask you to put in every page a link to both KameHouse.it and the text of the Creative Commons license. We will take care of searching the Internet periodically to enforce the compliance with these terms of license.

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